Between 1974 and 2006 my parents ran a local Italian restaurant in Halstead, Essex called 'Luigi's'. It was so popular people would visit far and wide for my father's Italian culinary delights and very large portions!

As well as the restaurant they also provided a takeaway service and I remember during my childhood, every weekend seeing customers queuing around the side of building outside waiting to be served, it was so popular.

Since they both retired ( a very well deserved retirement!), I am constantly inundated with people asking them to re-open or for recipes and even asking my Dad to publish a book of recipes. My father is not interested, his is in his 70's (sorry Dad) and he feels no one would want these. I told him he is nuts! In spite of my constant badgering, he will not budge. However he does often pass on recipes to me, which is fantastic as I can pass these gems onto my four children. I would also love to share these. My plan is to publish some of his recipes for all to share and experiment for themselves so the 'Luigi' effect lives on! I am not promising we will all become an Italian master chef, but it is a start! If this proves to be popular, maybe a book may be on the cards.

I am also going to add my Mum's delicious desserts too. Especially the Tirimisu!

If anyone following this blog has any memories from their time there, any photos from there or if you have any special requests for 'Luigi' dishes then please get in touch!

Luigi and Fiona

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