It's Cocktail time!

The warm weather had me thinking about lovely summer evenings and refreshing cocktails.

I thought I would share this fav of mine that I brought back from Italy with me one year. It is called Sgroppino and it is delicious and very strong! This recipe lies between the dessert/cocktail area but I would happily drink this at any time!

Serves 2/3

* 2 scoops lemon sorbet * shot of lemoncello for each person (or vodka if you so not have any) * 1/3 glass of Prosecco for each person

In a blender, combine sorbet and lemoncello. Blend until smooth. Divide between glasses .

Garnish with lemon slices and a sprig of mint.

If you want an extra kick you can add a dash of vodka! Serve immediately.

Yummy and very strong! :)


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