Beef Stroganoff

Another popular Luigi dish. This time served with a lovely chilli pasta instead of the traditional rice.

Stroganoff with chilli pasta

Serves 4

Penne pasta or spaghetti

Olive oil

3 steaks (approx 2lb of beef)

1 large or two small onions


Plain flour

4 large teaspoons of paprika

1 carton of cream

Fresh parsley

3/4 cloves Garlic

3/4 Chillies

You can use rump steak (or if you prefer you could use sirloin). Recipe books call for fillet but that would make it very expensive. The amount depends on how many people you are cooking for. Three rump steaks should be ok for 4 people.

Chop one large or 2 small onions and soften in pan (use Olive Oil).

Cut steak into bite size pieces, - on a plate mix a large teaspoon of paprika (4 large teaspoons) with flour. Toss the steak pieces in the flour mix. Make sure the steak is coated well with the flour mix, you will need about 4 large teaspoons of paprika mixed in.

Then add to the cooked onions. No need to cook steak for long, just make sure it is browned in the frying pan. If you cook for too long the steak may become more chewy. When you have put the seasoned steak in the frying pan add the chopped mushroom and the onions - add cream (1 carton should be enough for 4 people) stir through and then add a measure (or 2)!! of Brandy. Stir well - heat through thoroughly but don't cook for too long.

Put spaghetti in to boil until al dente. While this is cooking dice 3/4 cloves of garlic and 3/4 chillies and put in frying pan with plenty of olive oil. Don't burn the garlic or it will taste bitter. When spaghetti is cooked, drain and add to the garlic/chilli mix in frying pan. Alternatively, if the frying pan is too small then return the spaghetti to the saucepan and add the garlic/chilli mix to the saucepan!! Mix well.

Make sure there is enough olive oil in the frying pan when the spaghetti is added so that it is covered when mixed with the garlic and chillies - but don't make it too oily - you can always add a little bit more when you are mixing it if it looks a bit dry.

Last moment. sprinkle chopped flat leaf parsley on the pasta.

Enjoy :)

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