A new beginning

This is all new to me and I am so very excited to be here!

Casa Angelica was born from the love of both my sisters. Sadly both of which are no longer with us. After recently losing my sister to breast cancer, I had to put my life into perspective and embrace what I have and do something I love rather than working to live.

Taking time to reflect over my life I knew what I wanted, I have always had ideas whizzing around my head about this. I was just never brave enough to do it. Anyone who knows me will say I am always busy planning and doing something (and am probably completely bonkers). ..... I love my family, my friends and like most of us I love nice things.... I love my home and I love Italy, good wine and food! There's a lot to love! So with all these ideas buzzing around in my head for several months (if not years!), Casa Angelica was created.

My idea of a gorgeous online boutique with unique and beautiful pieces at affordable prices. I came up with the name Casa Angelica (House of Angels), in memory of both my sisters and my Italian heritage.

I decided to source my items both locally in the UK and also in Italy, which I travel to a couple of times a year. I love the Italian way and take a lot of my inspiration from there. My plan is to not stock more that a few of each item, to ensure that my store is kept fresh and original.

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Thanks :) Maria

Retro 80's photo!

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