Creating the perfect 'Shelfie'

So who doesn't love a shelfie? They are everywhere on instagram. I love the way when creating these you can really make them about you and your style by adding your own unique pieces in the mix. So what makes a good shelfie? There are a few tricks to getting this right and I would like to share these tips with you to get the best out of your shelf and your beautiful treasures!

These aren't 'rules' as such but bear these in mind when starting out that after some practice you will find your look.

· Make sure that everything on your shelf is not the same height, this would make it fall flat.

· Pair items together in groups and play around with different heights so that there is a more staggered effect.

· Figure out what colour you want as your base (black, white, beige or grey), then chose what colour 'pop' you would like to add. Choose two or three colours for your 'pop'. Once you have picked the colours, then carefully select which items you want to display. Make sure the majority of your display is your 'base' colour and thrown in the pops of colour evenly throughout the shelf.

· Items for your shelfie could include a couple of books, a woven basket, plants, candles, photos, decorative objects. The best way to make it looks great is to add some plants.

· When photographing your shelfie, try different angles other than straight on, try different angles and vantage points the eyes cannot always see.

· Last of all, practice, try different layouts until you are happy with the final result.

· Snap away and ENJOY! After all it’s only a bit of fun

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